Each of the links below goes to a Mathematica notebook (.nb) file. You can open them with Mathematica and then run the code by placing the cursor on the word the "Evaluate" section and evaluate by pressing Shift-Enter.

Also, see the Project 1 Gallery as a web page; you do not need to have Mathematica on your computer to see the images and animations posted there.

Project 1: Introduction to Graphics

Project 2: Working with Functions

Project 3: Using Functions as Paths

City Project

This was a fun project where each student contributed two structure in three dimensions. This file is organized with several different ways to view the city. All of us in the class are very proud of this work.

Amusement Park Project

This project was done during the last few days of school and a couple did not have time to finish the details. Many of these notebooks have features that you can manipulate. All of the students' projects are posted below.

Also check out the Mathematica Lessons and Related Links!

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