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Parallelized Fractal Generator
By Clay Rivetti
Updated 06/2013

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Fractals: They are never ending patterns produced by equations and advanced computing power.  They are self-similar across many different scales, and are created by repeating a simple process continually in a feedback loop.  Different levels of iterations refer to how deep into the fractal you have calculated.

What is Parallel Processing?

    It is the dividing up of work(computations) to different workers, with a supervisor(Overhead) that puts the work back together afterwards.

    The amount of processors a machine contains, determines how many workers the machine can divide the work up into.

About This Fractal...The Mandelbrot Set

    This fractal is different at every point of its function, and does not need to rely on other calculations being done before you calculate another given coordinate.  This means that it is the perfect subject to use for Parallelization.  Fractals are ideal for this example, because they are visually appealing, while still being math related; it also connects to parallel computing due to the fact that the Mandelbrot set is simple yet very complex, just like the idea of parallel computing!

Why is Project Important?

  Parallel processing has revolutionized the way we compute large volumes of complex data.  Generally speaking with parallel processing, the larger the volume and more complex the data is, the greater percent speed-up time can be seen vs. standard computing.  Fractals are the ideal candidate to explain the process of parallelization, and will also demonstrate the power behind parallel processing speed-up-times as well as the majesty of infinite sequences. The future for parallel computing is still unknown; however, if a new form of coding was made for computer hardware that could distinguish when to parallel compute certain types/volumes of data.  This coding combined with the internet and networks, would put our computers at a whole new level of "consciousness" and allow the sharing of computer processing power over networks that would revolutionize our idea of "time-consuming" calculations and make the household computer a supercomputer of today's standards...

Key Topics
Parallel Computing, Fractals, Calculation Speed-Up
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