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Expression Machine
By Shaoni Bandyopadhyay, Karen Ye, Alyssa Beck, Cindy Piao
Updated 10/26/2006

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Our Chubby-Armed Expression Machine is an input-output machine similar to those often seen in textbooks. On the most basic level, this machine models the changing nature of the variable x. Firstly, somebody can change the numbers at the top, and as you change them the machine will automatically evaluate the expression with the chosen number, changing the value that appears at the bottom (This illustrates the representative nature of the symbol x). Furthermore, by pressing the button nose, you can change the expression and then change the numbers. There are infinite possibilities. If you had the self-control to not push the number buttons, then you could even try to mentally solve the expression before finding the answer. Anyway, have fun with the machine, and there are many ways that you can improve on it, so feel free to mess around!

CA Standards
Grade 5: Algebra and Functions 1.2

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