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Mani's Marvelous Miracle of Musicality!
By Mani Ramachandran
Updated 03/04/2007

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This is a program that coordinates graphics and sonification. Change the locator position on the x-axis to change the note emitted by Mathematica. Select different instruments to add to the set of instruments you can use to play notes (the y-axis represents which instrument is being used; if you maintain the same x-position while moving up and down on the y-axis, it will play the same note with a different instrument). You can change the musical key that the notes are played on by selecting a value on the "root" scroll-down menu and clicking the Major, Minor, or Chromatic button. The default key signature is C Major. The "chord" button (which has "none" as its default) allows you to create a random Major or Minor chord around the note being emitted by the locator.

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