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Rolling Ball
By Kenneth Leung
Updated 01/11/2007

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A simulation of a ball rolling on a plane rotatable along the x-axis and the y-axis.  The first slider (theta) controls the tilt of the x-axis in both directions up to Pi/12 radians.  The second slider (theta2) controls the tilt of the y-axis in both directions up to Pi/12 radians as well.  In addition, there is a 2 dimensional slider (square with an orange dot in the middle) located to the left of the 3D graph that can be used to control both sliders at the same time.

This simulation depicts a ball as it would roll on a surface with different angles.  The ball will roll in the direction of the steepest slope, and its speed will be relative to the steepness of the slope (i.e. the steeper the slope, the faster the ball will roll).  The ballís boundary is the visible plane.

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