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The Everlastingly Entertaining Sport of Number Manipulation
By James Che and Brian Alford, respectfully
Updated 08/07/2007

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How to play: Ok, do you know about the intellectually stimulating game of 24? Given four numbers, you must either add, subtract, multiply, or divide to get to 24 by using all numbers once. It is a very challenging game for all ages, and it encourages critical thinking, speedy contemplations, and practice with arithmetic operations. Our game, Xtreme, is a higher-level version of 24. Not only does it include the basic aspects of 24, but Xtreme has many customizable options, like having the number of given numbers change or manipulating numbers to reach a different objective number. In addition, we have included more modes of operations: Modulo, Exponentiate, Permute, and Combine. With this extreme version of 24 and customizable interface, ANYONE can enjoy enjoying this enjoyingly enjoyful enjoyment of enjoyable enjoyness.

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