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Kevin's Delicious Disco Delusion!
By Kevin Zhang
Updated 12/21/2006

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Do you yearn for the days of the Bee Gees? Do you actually know who the Trammps and the Village People are? Do you love men with tight pants, gigantic hair, and platform shoes? Have you actually called something "fab" before?

Me neither.

But hey, this is pretty gnarly anyway. This notebook uses the Random function and the Rectangle graphics primitive. Every time you push the button, the colored squares, rectangles inside of each square, and the opacity of each rectangle are randomly generated in Tables, and then plotted together in a Grid. The bracketted numbers at the end of each Table represent the number of shapes that will be generated (by changing these numbers you can alter the number of colored squares and the number of smaller rectangles inside of each square).

And just for fun, here are a couple images I made by putting this in Photoshop.


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