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About Us

As our name may or may not suggest, we are a club about mathematics. Haha, get it? MathematiClub! Like, mathematics, and club! I'll bet you never would have guessed. We are so witty.

The MathematiClub started at Torrey Pines High School in San Diego, California during the 2006 - 2007 school year. Our vision follows that of our school: "Our vision is to be a dynamic community of lifelong learners who make significant contributions in our world." We hope to accomplish this vision by sharing what we do so that others can better learn and enjoy mathematics.

Through a partnership with Torrey Pines High School and Wolfram Research, math teacher Abby Brown and her students use software and hardware on the technological frontier. With the latest version of Mathematica published by Wolfram Research, the MathematiClub has developed and continues to create a wide variety of projects that demonstrate mathematical concepts and apply math in fun and interesting activities.

All of the Mathematica notebooks on this web site are free for downloading. You are welcome use them for your own enjoyment, education, and the education of others. Please cite credit to the MathematiClub and our web site, as appropriate.

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