Ring Design Gallery 

Abby’s Designs

While creating the pages for graphing parametric equations, I drew some interesting graphs. One curve reminded me of the elfin writing in Lord of the Rings and I was inspired to try creating my own “One Ring.” It took some work to get curves drawn on the surface of a modified torus to look like I wanted, but eventually it worked and I created many other curves along the way.

Each curve is drawn using parametric equations in three dimensions (sample equations below gallery images). Click on the “Sample Ring” button below to see a sample of one curve wrapped around the modified torus. My favorites are in the gallery below.

   (Approx. 3 Mb)     Click here to Design Your Own Ring

Click and drag on any of the images below to rotate them. Press SHIFT while dragging to zoom in and out. Click, drag, and release to spin an image. Press HOME to return it to its original position.

Zig Zag

“N” Monogram

Loops with Stripe


Bunched Squiggles

Paper Dolls



LOTR Loops


Leaves and Berries


Sample Equation

These are the parametric equations for the Zig Zag Ring:



Page Updated: 12/27/2005