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Mathematica is a computer program created by Wolfram Research for doing mathematics in education, research, and applied sciences. The resources of Mathematica can be made available over the Internet using webMathematica. A webMathematica web page allows a user to input values for parameters in a form. This HTML form contains hidden Mathematica code programmed by the author of the web page. When the form is submitted to the web server, the user input along with the Mathematica code is processed by the copy of Mathematica that resides on the web server. The results of the computation are sent back to the web page viewed by the user. The user does not need to have Mathematica on their own computer—only access to the Internet!

webMathematica on Math Rules! is an opportunity for students and teachers to have access to the powerful features of Mathematica without having to own the program or know its programming language. Originally I planned to use webMathematica to provide a tool for students in advanced classes that goes beyond what they can do with a graphing calculator. Quickly I realized that it will benefit students and teachers of all levels through web pages designed for learning concepts, practicing skills, and developing exercises. From my experience so far, it appears that webMathematica, like the Internet itself, is limited only by the imagination.  —Abby Brown, Summer 2005

For more information visit www.webmathematica.com.

webMathematica Activities

Below is an index of the webMathematica pages I have created so far. They are also organized by subject area through the Topic Index on the Math Rules! home page.



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