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What is MathRules.org?

Math Rules! is my vision of what what a web site can be to help with the learning and teaching of mathematics. I designed this site for students, teachers, and anyone who enjoys math. This is a place to discover, learn, and practice various concepts. In the future, you will find lessons, quizzes, and activities about many topics created using HTML, Flash, Acrobat, and webMathematica. Most information will be organized by subject area. Hopefully you will find something that is useful and fun as you explore Math Rules!.

Who is MathRules.org?

I am Abby Brown, a math teacher and department chair at Torrey Pines High School in the San Dieguito Union High School District in San Diego, CA. My own web site has been a key component of my courses and a vehicle for sharing with the world what I enjoy about mathematics and web design. The idea of developing a new site focused on tools for learning and teaching has been on my mind for a while. My inspiration comes from using my web site and online chat groups with my students, creating interactive web pages, dabbling in Flash, discovering Adobe Acrobat, and (most recently) exploring the power of webMathematica. It will take some time to fully realize my vision for Math Rules!. I hope to solicit contributions from my district colleagues so that the site can reach more students and help teach key topics in a variety of math subjects.

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Thanks to our district technology staff, Mike Coy and Joel Van Hooser, for managing the web server and for getting webMathematica up and running. Thanks to Joanne Mason at the Harker School for including me in the Mathematica Institute where I learned a lot more about what Mathematica can do and how I can use it in my teaching. Thanks to my principal, Rick Schmitt, for his encouragement and support of my ideas. Thanks to my Math Department colleagues who listen and laugh as I share my many crazy ideas and who know I spend too much time on the computer (and who I hope will contribute topics and ideas to this site). Thanks to my many students for their inspiration (this site is for you). And, of course, thanks to my family who is always behind me in my endeavors whether itís my parents, Susan and Steve Brown, helping me decide if this font is better than that font or my sister, Rebecca Bartlett, who came up with the name Math Rules! just when my creativity had fizzled out.

Abby Brown
Summer 2005

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