Graph a Trigonometric Function

With Animation Options

Graph and/or animate trig functions of the form:  A sin( B (xC) ) + D 
Use Pi for values with π.


[ (x – )] +



[   B    (x –    C   )] +


Asymptotes: (Default will give fastest results.)

Domain:    ≤  x  ≤     Thickness: 
Show Range:    ≤  y  ≤  

Animate a Parameter
Variable Parameter:  
None for single curve, no animation. Maximum Value: (Min. value in eqn. above)
Step Size: > 0 Animation Speed: (Seconds between frames)

Graph Options     
Graph Shape: x-Grid Interval:
Grid Color: y-Grid Interval:
Show Axes: Show Labels:

Tick Mark Options    
x-Axis Tick Labels: Mark π/2 values:
y-Axis Tick Labels: Mark π/4 values:
Tick Label Font Size: Mark π/6 values:

Use 0 (zero) to remove gridlines and/or tick marks in any direction.
Use Pi for values with π.

The result will be displayed in a new window.


Page Updated: 04/13/2006